I am constantly awed and uplifted by the interplay of colour and light and the beauty of the natural world: it’s organic, modular and infinite progressive forms.  The unique qualities of glass allow me to explore and express my feelings in a way not possible for me in any other medium.  Whether I am making sculpture, vases, panels, jewellery, dishes or lighting, this essentially translucent material never ceases to delight and absorb me and I am rarely happier or more at peace than when I am working in my studio.

Each of my pieces is individually constructed and therefore a one-off.  My sculptures are sometimes inspired by personal memories, events or experiences.  From initial sketches through to working on the pieces themselves, each one becomes an internal journey, allowing me to process my feelings.

My work has been shown at the British Glass Biennale, on the BBC2 programme, ‘Handmade Revolution’ presented by Paul Martin and at the Victoria and Albert Museum.